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Amazing Big Love

I’m always so moved when I get out in nature. To see the ocean bloom in the morning sun after a long night. To think that the Creator is so awesome to give us these wonderful things . Not to worship them, but that they will draw us to him. To know that Jesus Christ himself called the light out of darkness. That the darkness had to step aside and bow to the Fathers command. It’s so good, to be in awe of him , like a child being so amazed by seeing the giant redwood tress or a star falling. So many times our understanding of God is given with that word fear, but he doesn’t want us afraid of him , he wants us in awe of him. If your his child he wants you sitting at his feet. It’s an easy place to be. Just like a child being with loving parents. I know so many of us have had childhood trauma, and if you haven’t I’m so glad. I definitely want to express that the Heavenly Father is a lover of your soul and wants to heal your hurts and restore your hearts and mind. He can and he will. Just ask and I hope this resonates with someone out there this morning. Prayers , blessings and hugs to all my family friends and those I have yet to meet. Holy spirt bless you all today. ~~



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