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Gobble Gobble, Don't Wobble!

Good Morning! It's a very windy 70 degrees this morning and I'm enjoying my first cup of coffee! All is well in the world, at least my small part of it. Dogs are calm and quiet, and it's just a good start to the day. The point is I have much to be thankful for.

As the holidays arrive and with Covid still reeling around, know that you do what you can and however small it is it's acceptable. Living through the expectations of others is hard as it is risky for our mental health. Please take good care of yourselves and remember we need family and friends more than ever. As I say that, I will add there's always that one family member that can be difficult. Also, there's the family members that have passed and some of the wounds of loss are very fresh. Just be aware and try to maneuver through it if you will. Pray, trust God's word, and know this is just another season in life. Let us educate ourselves growing continually.

If I'm ever faced with a behavioral issue, within myself or someone else I try to seek guidance. Dr. Henry Cloud is one of my favorites. He has many great easy to understand books and has a live call-in on Facebook daily. Always trust your gut, if it feels like there's a problem or challenge there most likely is. Don't get caught blind-sighted and if you do, dust yourself off and keep moving! ( That poor turkey, lol) 🦃

Have a great day, be blessed, and enjoy the holidays. Be kind, as we never know what someone else is going through.

Shalom and may the love of Jesus be all over you,



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