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Happy Fathers Day, Dad!

Thanks, Dad, for all you did for Eric And me. You're the most significant part of my beginnings. I've never gotten over losing you at 17. However, you helped heal many of my heart wounds and help me open up in many ways.

When I couldn't speak from so much early trauma, you were patient and let me be. I was scared and quiet, and you never made a big deal of it.

I remember the trips to Couch’s butcher shop in Rome, Georgia, where you let me pick little brown paper sacks full of penny candy. I'd ride home in that old Dodge with my arms around your neck. Such a sweet memory for me. Also, all the time we spent in the garden growing vegetables, and you always made a special plot for me to have flowers. I'm sure that's where my love for them comes from today. Your favorites were daisies.

You understood and defended me from so much when no one else did. You weren't my real Dad, but you came to a little girl's rescue when you had already raised three children of your own. You could be tough, but you did the best you could.

Thanks for watching over me and teaching me to be tough and not to speak unkindness. You would always say, ‘You win more people with words coated with honey.’ I thank my Father in Heaven for you. Happy Father's Day in Heaven. ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏✈️✈️✈️


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