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Keep Calm, There are tools for that!

When we think of negative emotions, we can name many. Fear, anger, disgust, sadness, rage, loneliness and melancholy. Then we have a list of happy emotions that include love, joy, satisfaction, contentment, amusement, happiness, serenity and awe. From happy to sad and all the little sub lists of emotions there's no other emotion I believe that can trip me up more than fear. Seemingly catapulting me downhill into other low level emotions that don't seem to lead or help me. At some points in my life I've even gotten very stuck where it seemed that fear held me captive like a hostage and I just couldn't find my way out of its grip. It comes in many different packages and forms. I'm going to try to list a few; anxiety, offense. dread, fright, horror, panic, alarm, worry,dismay, concern,stress,tension are all forms of fear.

Then we have fear as a fight or flight reaction, which can be healthy. Like being in a building on fire and needing to make a quick judgement or decision in order to save your life or someone else's. This fear was instilled in us as a natural reaction to help move us out of harms way or because of a perceived threat or danger.

Then we see fear of failure, fear of pain, fear of now. The fear of failure or pain could be from the past or the fear of it happening in the future. Sometimes fear just keeps us stuck in the here and now. It could be from a past physical trauma or relational fear that can sometimes kick in when meeting someone new or being in a new circumstance, where there's some old fear attached to it, like a similar situation that gets brought up in our memory.

In addition to some of the scary sides of fear, there's the word fear that is used in another context and that is the fear of God. Well, that sounds very intimidating! In a sense I suppose and there are people that have put that spin on God to make him sound like an ogre and make him sound very angry. (for control and power reasons) The dictionary calls an ogre a Man eating giant, LOL, That's kind of extreme right, but it gets my point across. God the father is just the opposite. Hes loving, kind, and a protector of his children. There are times when he sits and acts as judge, and that's another post for another day. That usage of fear in the bible is having a certain respect for the Father, its an awe or admiration for him. I heard it put like this once. Awe is like a small child looking up at the great redwood trees out west. Someone who had never seen the redwood trees would see and understand the great creations that they are. It would create a sense of awe and wonder or awesomeness and childlike reaction in their experience. A sort of respect for these huge trees. This is how God wants us to see him.

Loving fathers lead and guide their children with love and gentle reproof or correction when needed. Sometimes we as adults grow up and many times see our heavenly Father as we see our earthly father. Depending on the relationship we had with our earthly fathers it can make it hard to view our heavenly father correctly. If there was any type of abuse or neglect it can make it hard to perceive. I know I've struggled with this a lot and have been very angry at God in the past. With a lot of good council and a lot of prayer and tools I operate much better now. I'm still growing and learning and it is exciting.

I want to add a few scriptures just a reference tool. Sometimes we hear or have negative thoughts like I mentioned about fear showing itself in worry or trauma. I believe we live in a world and there is good and evil fighting and waging war on our world and in our personal lives. I think if we can glean from scripture we can reclaim some power in our daily lives and use it to redeem things that we have or had fear about. There are many authors that speak on fear, and behavioral issues that I have so often turned to for insight. Dr. Henry Cloud is one of them. He‘s very educated in this area and offers help in a simple approach. I can’t think of anyone his skills and knowledge could not help.

Another tool againist hard times and dark days are singing and praising God when we are afraid and is a great way to turn our attention on things that upset us or a possible cause of fear. Lately Zach Williams is one of my favorites. I just put in my air pods and sing away. I usually feel a lot better and sometimes I'll get an idea that will help solve a problem. I also believe that singing and praising god helps us to be in a more heavenly place and gives God more permission and ability to help us and step in. It puts us in a place where the Father is first. Like a human Father going before us to help us as small children. When we look at him and not ourselves, then miracles can begin to happen. We allow his strength to come into our lives and shut the mouth of doubt , fear and insecurities that so often creep in.

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They are weapons to defeat the enemy of fear, which can stop us from doing the will of our Father in heaven. You are important to the Father! He loves you so much.

2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

1 John 4:18 There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.

Psalm 27:1 The LORD is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid?

Joshua 1:9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.

Genesis 26:24 I am the God of your father Abraham; do not fear, for I am with you.


Safe and Secure

1 When you sit enthroned under the shadow of Shaddai,

you are hidden in the strength of God Most High.

2 He’s the hope that holds me and the Stronghold to shelter me,

the only God for me, and my great confidence.

3 He will rescue you from every hidden trap of the enemy,

and he will protect you from false accusation

and any deadly curse.

4 His massive arms are wrapped around you, protecting you.

You can run under his covering of majesty and hide.

His arms of faithfulness are a shield keeping you from harm.

5 You will never worry about an attack of demonic forces at night

nor have to fear a spirit of darkness coming against you.

6 Don’t fear a thing!

Whether by night or by day, demonic danger will not trouble you,

nor will the powers of evil launched against you.

7 Even in a time of disaster, with thousands and thousands being killed,

you will remain unscathed and unharmed.

8 you will be a spectator as the wicked perish in judgment,

for they will be paid back for what they have done!

9-10 When we live our lives within the shadow of God Most High,

our secret hiding place, we will always be shielded from harm.

How then could evil prevail against us or disease infect us?

11 God sends angels with special orders to protect you wherever you go,

defending you from all harm.

12 If you walk into a trap, they’ll be there for you

and keep you from stumbling.

13 You’ll even walk unharmed among the fiercest powers of darkness,

trampling every one of them beneath your feet!

14 For here is what the Lord has spoken to me:

“Because you have delighted in me as my great lover,

I will greatly protect you.

I will set you in a high place, safe and secure before my face.

15 I will answer your cry for help every time you pray,

and you will find and feel my presence

even in your time of pressure and trouble.

I will be your glorious hero and give you a feast.

16 You will be satisfied with a full life and with all that I do for you.

For you will enjoy the fullness of my salvation!”


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