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New Beginnings

It's the Eve of December 1st and there's a huge beautiful full moon! There is so much going on in my life, as I'm sure with many of you. I've been so excited and exhausted with extra work right before Thanksgiving and then recovering from eating too much! I laugh because regardless of how much I say I'm not going to eat too much, inevitably I do!

So with everything we have to be concerned about, economic and health, I can personally say I've been so focused on doing something new. I won't downplay the anxiety because it's real. Being out of work for almost 3 months with Covid and being deemed non-essential, was scary, and well-finding something I could do from home was important to me. So not necessarily finding a new skill but being more intentional with some of the skills I already have, besides cutting hair. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, I love being a barber. I'm talking about my new blog and Etsy store. I'm super excited and over the next several months I hope to be much more involved with them.

So with tomorrow being the first of December and having a full moon tonight, I just wanted to make an intentional effort of refocusing on New Beginnings and new adventures and creativity. I want to celebrate that. I encourage you to as well. It can be easy to slip into old habits and get down. Baby steps are necessary to grow.

With that being said. Embrace New Beginnings, new relationships, connections, and ideas. Trying new things and maybe even pushing aside old traditions for a season. Releasing the past helps us to move forward with love in our hearts.

Be blessed and enjoy this pic of the full moon, I got lucky enough to grab it tonight. It's chilly and beautiful here in Ormond Beach, Florida.

Good night Folks!

In Christ,

Candice Holtzclaw ’Candi’


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