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To My Son on His Birthday!

There's no one quite like you, my Son! No boy I've known turned into a man and had the heart to keep his gentleness and kind disposition towards life as you have.

You're endearing and hold power like a magnet that draws others near to you. You have the genuine honesty of character that says to the newcomer or stranger, ‘ It's ok to be yourself, 'I won't judge you.’

You bring a calming presence wherever you go, and with your sweet simplicity, you win over friends in an instant.

You care about those around you, and you somehow miraculously know the needs of others, and your empathy and compassion are always on time. I'm so proud of you as you continue to grow up into the gentleman you are.

You've surpassed the skill and expectation of many in your profession when it comes to the artistry of your trade. There's not a lot that you can't do. It simply amazes me.

You execute your work with excellence, beauty, and accuracy.

I'm proud of you, Frank! You stole my heart 34 years ago. I'm so proud of you and look forward to seeing you grow as you continue to accomplish all your dreams and plans in the future.

I love you, buddy,



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