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You Are Beautifully, Fearfully, and Wonderfully Made!

I will start by dedicating this post to one of the strongest, kindest, most loving young women I know, My Daughter!

The title is Psalm 139:14

Her birthday was June 27th, and she is and has been a blessing to me and every life she has come in contact with.

When I held her for the first time on June 27th, 1986, I was a very young mother with no clue how to raise such a fragile, sweet blessing from heaven, but through trial and error, we managed to be okay.

I want to say I'm genuinely proud to be your Mother and one of my best friends. You are a miracle, and I Love you, Jasmine Marie Wisecup! I thank God for you and your brother daily. You are resilient, hardworking, intelligent, funny, and care about the well-being of others. In my opinion, a parent couldn't ask for more than that in a child. You always see the best in others and look beyond their faults.

Children are blessings and gifts from heaven, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to be called Mom by you and your brother.

You have accomplished so much, and there's still so much in store for your future! Live the dreams of your heart, and I know you will go far beyond that and live a long, happy life!

Please check out her YouTube channel and be on the lookout for her new devotional.

Love, Mom🙏❤️


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