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You Just Need To Wait!

Waiting? What on earth are we waiting for?! Are you waiting for something? A new job, a baby to come, a parcel from the post office, even an idea to fall into place, or even that diagnosis about your health or a loved one. Regardless, I think we can all resonate with this and in this holiday season, and for most Americans we anticipate Christmas! It's honestly my favorite holiday. Not necessarily the month, because it's cold, I'm not a big fan of the cold. However, it does help to set the mood for the holidays.

I will be sharing an advent calendar of sorts. It is not my own, just something I connected with. Also, I will be using some passages from the book of Luke. I'll share some today to make up for yesterday and I hope you will be blessed and encouraged.

(I will be out and about today getting a new battery for the car. It doesn't like the cold either!) Lol

Be Blessed and reach out at any time! I'll be posting some from Luke as well!

Love and Shalom,

Candice Holtzclaw ’Candi’

Love, Candi


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